Analytical and numerical study of nonlinear pulse propagation in optical medium

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Project Code: RP24Phy01

Analytical and numerical study of nonlinear pulse propagation in optical medium


The concept of soliton has gained attention in telecommunication technology and its dynamics in optical fibers and other nonlinear media has been extensively studied during the past few decades. The presence of such nonlinear waves has been studied analytically as well as numerically in nonlinear optics, plasma physics, fluid dynamics, nuclear physics, and biochemical systems, to name a few. However, there is still an extensive margin for improvement in the field of telecommunication. Advanced research in this area is highly preferable in current nonlinear physics. The nonlinear Schrödinger equation model (NLSE) is one of the most important and “universal” nonlinear models of modern science. At the low intensities of the optical field, the non-resonant nonlinearity in materials of practical interest resembles Kerr nonlinearity. However, as the incident field becomes stronger, optical fields whose frequencies approach a resonant frequency of the material, non-Kerr higher order nonlinearity comes into play, which essentially changes NLSE, and hence the physical features and the stability of optical soliton propagation. Here we study the propagation of highly intense laser beams in nonlinear optical media such as optical fiber, metamaterials, and fiber couplers. We will analyze the existence of exotic nonlinear phenomena such as modulation instability, supercontinuum generation, solitons, filamentation, and spatiotemporal light bullets. 

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Keywords: Numerical Study; Non-linear

We adopt linear stability analysis, Lagrangian variational analysis, and numerical method based on the crank-Nicholson Scheme for our theoretical investigation. We explore the parametric region in which the above-mentioned nonlinear phenomenon can be observed and examine the critical conditions regarding system parameters


Dr. A. K. Shafeeque Ali

Assistant Professor

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MSc Physics
Research Scholar

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Project Code: RP24Phy01