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Faculty members interested in collaborating with the SIAS Research Center can reach out to us via email at   

The SIAS Research Center supports a wide range of collaborations, including joint research projects, co-authoring research papers, sharing research facilities, conducting joint workshops and conferences, and participating in grant applications. We are open to exploring any collaborative initiatives that advance scientific knowledge and innovation.

Yes, we welcome students from other institutions to participate in our research projects. Interested students should have their faculty advisor contact us with details about the student’s research interests and how they align with ongoing projects at the SIAS Research Center.

SIAS Publishers focuses on producing high-quality academic books, research articles, and science magazines. We aim to disseminate cutting-edge scientific knowledge and research findings to a global audience.

SIAS Publishers may charge a publication fee depending on the type of publication and the services required.

Yes, SIAS Publishers accepts conference proceedings for publication. Please contact us at [] with details about your conference, and our team will guide you through the submission and publication process.

Yes, SIAS Publishers offers professional editing and formatting services to ensure your manuscript meets our publication standards. These services are available at an additional cost.

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