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Optical fiber sensors

Project Code: RP24Phy05

Optical sensors found to have many advantages over other conventional sensors. Among these, fiber optic sensors also called as optical fiber sensors use optical fiber and sensing elements to sense physical quantities like temperature, pressure, vibrations, displacements, rotations or concentration of chemical species. Fibers have so many uses in the field of remote sensing because they require no electrical power at the remote location and they have tiny size. Fiber optic sensors

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Perfectly reflecting surfaces

Project Code: RP24Phy04

A layer of dielectric materials deposited as a film can reflect up to 99.999% of light incident on it for a range of wavelengths. The range can be controlled by designing layer of materials with various thickness and size.
The aim of this project is to optimize and design the all dielectric metasurfaces for achieving perfect reflection at visible wavelengths.

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Analytical and numerical study of nonlinear pulse propagation in optical medium

The concept of soliton has gained attention in telecommunication technology and its dynamics in optical fibers and other nonlinear media has been extensively studied during the past few decades. The presence of such nonlinear waves has been studied analytically as well as numerically in nonlinear optics, plasma physics, fluid dynamics, nuclear physics, and biochemical systems, to name a few. However, there is still an extensive margin for improvement in the field of telecommunication. Advanced research

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