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Workshop on

Molecular Dynamics Simulations

One-Week Online Workshop on

Molecular Dynamic Simulations



05 -12 Aug 2024


07.30 pm IST

About the Workshop

Join us for an intensive one-week online workshop on Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation using GROMACS or NAMD. This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practical applications of MD simulations in biomolecular research. Participants will learn how to set up and perform simulations, analyze the results, and gain insights into the dynamic behavior of molecular systems. The workshop will utilize open-source tools such as GROMACS or NAMD, VMD, and other essential software, making it accessible for researchers and students alike.

Target Audience

Students, Researchers and faculty members of biology, chemistry, physics who are interested in learning about molecular dynamics simulations.

Tools to be used

NAMD/GROMACS, VMD, and others (All open-source Tools)

Computer Configuration: Linux (preferred), macOS, or Windows

Recording for Future Referenece

All live sessions will be recorded and made available to participants, ensuring they have access to the content for future reference and continued learning. 


Installation of software

Simulation of Protein (receptor) Structure and of Receptor-Ligand Complex and Analysis of Results

Course Completion Certificate​

At the end of the workshop, participants will receive an e-certificate of completion, recognizing their effort and newfound skills in GROMACS and Molecular Dynamics.

Course Plan

Please download the course plan and  Brochure from the links provided below.

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One-Weeek Workshop on Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Day & Time




Resource Person

Assistant Professor Department of Biotechnology Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Manipal, Karnataka, India


Registration Fee

Rs. 2500

Registration Fee

For Indian Participants: Rs. 2500
Foriegn Participants: USD. 40

SIAS Research Forum Members
Student Member: Rs. 2250
Faculty Member: Rs. 2000

Feedback from the participants

We will update this part after the compltion of the workshop!