SIAS research forum (SIAS – RF) is established by a group of researchers across globe under the umbrella of Spark Institute of Advanced Science (SIAS). The forum is supported by active participation of professors and research scholars working in different science and engineering departments of world’s premier institutions. This is an international platform where researchers all over the world come and share ideas. The forum provides the training related to industry, academia, and research along with professional certificate courses to impart skilled knowledge to young researchers and research aspirants in the field of science and engineering. The forum helps researchers to upgrade their research skills and motivates to make ground breaking innovations. The forum conducts technical conferences, seminars and workshop to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars. SIAS research forum provides a brilliant scope of research and development to motivated scholars working in the field of science and technology by providing financial / technical aids to boost the growth of research and development.

The Forum is supported by its International Advisory Board Members which includes high profile scientists and engineers from all over the world. SIAS is collaborated with many leading universities and research centres to promote the exchange of technical knowledge among our members.