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The Eureka Moments: Collection


Editors Dr. Shuaib E P, Dr. Hijas K M and Dr. Sabeel M Basheer

Published on 10-05-2024

Language: English

Total number of pages:

Editors Dr. Shuaib E P, Dr. Hijas K M and Dr. Sabeel M Basheer

This book is a selected collection of articles describing the eureka moments of students and researchers. This book aims to deliver motivation to readers and inspire those who are on the way to choosing a research career. Everybody might have experienced some sort of excitement or thrilling moment at some point in their life that ignited their passion for inquiry and discovery. But, somehow those stories are buried in their mind and not exposed to the public. So, the SIAS Research Forum attempted to uncover such hidden and thrilling eureka moments of researchers and students by allowing them to participate in an article writing competition as part of the Global Science Festival Kerala (GSFK). This competition was open to UG, PG students, PhD, and PDF scholars from all disciplines. The best 12 articles were selected out of 30 for inclusion in this book.




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