One-Week Workshop on ChemDraw

This event has expired


The one-week online workshop on ChemDraw designed to equip you with the skills to master ChemDraw, the industry-standard software for chemical drawing and visualization. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or industry professional, this workshop offers a structured learning experience to enhance your proficiency in drawing chemical structures, analyzing data, and creating publication-quality figures.


  • How to draw the molecules
  • Chemical reactions
  • Shot-cut keys
  • Drawing reactions: Using ChemDraw to illustrate chemical reactions
  • stereochemistry: Representing stereochemistry in structures.
  • Customizing structures: Changing bond styles, atom labels, and colors.
  • Lab experiment drawing
  • Structure Analysis, Stereochemistry
  • Properties prediction, NMR
  • Chem3D Draw
  • MM calculations
  • Non-covalent interaction calculation

Registration Fee: Rs. 1500

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