Chapter & Membership

Anyone interested in science and engineering research can be a member of this forum. One year membership subscription fee is only 30 USD. SIAS Research Forum members will get 20 % or higher reduction on all activities of the forum. Members will also get free mentoring and guidance related to academic and research whenever needed.

Student Membership

If you are a student registered in any university or institutions anywhere in the world, you can apply for a student membership. Student membership fee for one year is only 10 USD. Student members are eligible to free research and career mentoring. They will also receive reduction for fee in all academic and training programs of SIAS.

SIAS Institutional Chapters

Science and engineering institutions can collaborate with SIAS Research Forum to form institutional chapters. To form a chapter, there must be at least 10 student members and one faculty member from the institution. SIAS Chapter will receive financial and technical assistance to conduct research related training programs and conferences.